Your ready, the dogs have got their leads on and are super excited. You are off on your happy dog walk together. But have you got everything?

This blog is my 10 dog walking essentials. 10 items that I always have in my dog walking bag ready to take with me when I head out with Baxter and Pickle.

10 dog walking essentials The Cosy Canine Company



Oh my goodness can you imagine if you forgot them? I did, ONCE! It was when Baxter was tiny and new to going out. I was so embarrassed, I actually ran (of a fashion) home to get them and went back to pick it up. Baxter thought it was all very exciting.

Nowadays I always carry them, in my dog walking bag and now I use compostable bags to, from Adios Plastic to to reduce my use of plastic.


  1. WATER

This is another must have as far as I’m concerned especially in the summer it is very easy for dogs to get dehydrated.


  1. BOWL

I use a collapsible bowl that sits nice and flat in my bag.

 Dog walking essentials Cockapoo drinking from pink bowl


There are times when you walk a dog and you just need to clean your hands, whether it is dribble from your dog’s tennis ball or something much worse! Don’t forget your wipes!



Depending on what you have wiped off your hands I recommend a hand sanitiser! I love this one from Neals Yard. Its organic, kills all sorts of harmful bacteria, doesn’t leave you with sticky hands and it smells lovely. 



Most dogs love a ball to play with on a walk and it can be the highlight of a trip to the park. I keep a ball in my bag in case I need to keep their attention. Baxter loves a ball; it is his best thing. If I need to keep him close, or away from something the ball is there. I tend to not play fetch very much with him though, as he has mild arthritis in his elbow joints.

dog walking essentials Jack Russel running with a tennis ball



Treats need no explanation. Ask any dog and they will nod and say ‘Yes, please put lots of treats into your bag’


  1. MONEY

I always have a five-pound note in my bag. It’s just in case something happens, and I need to get a taxi but more often than not that fiver buys me a nice cappuccino and a couple of dog biscuits!


  1. PHONE

My tip here would be to have your local vets number as a favourite, you just never know and it is always better to be safe than sorry. You will of course be using your phone to take lots of photos of your dogs as well!

Dog walking essentials blog The Cosy Canine Company Dog having photo taken



Now you have gathered your dog walking essentials you will need something to carry them in. Unless you have very large pockets, I would suggest a dog walking bag. I love mine; it has room for everything, it is wipe clean, has a poop bag holder on the front and a pocket on the back for your phone. I love that I can just grab my bag and go knowing that everything I need is in there.


I hope you have found this blog useful, if you have any other dog walking essentials please let me know in the comments.

And...if you need your own dog walking bag you can order one here.

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