Your dog is everything to you. You think about him from the minute you wake up until bedtime when you fall asleep looking at photographs of him. This list of 10 signs you are a dog Mum will tell you if you really are a crazy dog mum.


1. You know the names of all the dogs you meet on a walk. Their owners, not so much, they are simply known as Baxter’s Dad or Poppy’s Mum.

2. You can’t go to the bathroom without your four legged friend coming along for the trip. He is very helpful!

Puppy carrying a toilet roll The Cosy Canine Company Blog


 3. Your dog's birthday goes on the calendar before anyone else and is the only reason to have a pawty.

British Bulldog 5th Birthday party The Cosy Canine Company
Clementine Celebrating her 5th Birthday 


4. You wear dog hair like a badge of honour. The phrase Dog Hair Don’t Care was made for you. This T Shirt was made with you in mind and you can order yours here.


5. Your dream night out is actually a night in cuddled up on the sofa with your dog.

Lady cuddling dog in arm chair Dog Mum


6. Your dog has a bed in every room in your house. Some are memory foam, one has his name on, none of them are cheap and his favourite place to sleep...on your bed of course.

Dog on dog mums bed


7. You’ve had an invite out and the first thing you ask. Is my dog invited? If your dogs not invited it’s very unlikely you will go.

8. Your dog has more toys than the local pet shop, and that’s OK.

Dog holding a ballin his mouth. The Cosy Canine Company Dog Mum Blog


9. Your dog's wardrobe is more extensive than yours. He has a collar and matching bow for every day of the week, rain coats, cooling coats and a fine array of handmade bandannas.

Cockapoo wearing a bow tie The Cosy Canine CompanyPickle wearing a bow tie from Maddie Makes for you.


10. You have researched ALL of the dog foods and buy only the best for your furry friend. Your dinner however is more likely to come from the oops aisle.

Dog waiting for dinner



How many of these can you relate to? Is there anything I’ve missed off? You can let me know in the comments. If you know a fellow Dog Mum who’d like this please feel free to share on social media.

Dog Mum T Shirt The Cosy Canine Company

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    • Kate Taylor on

      That’ll be ten yes’ from me then!! As if there was any doubt!! xx

    • Joanna Donaghy on

      What a brilliant blog! Yes as furry dog mothers to a growing number of fur babies across the Cotswolds we relate, as do our K9’s Hoomans.

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