If you are lucky enough to own a Cockapoo here are 10 things that you will know to be true.


1 Teddy Bears

They are the cutest puppies and are often mistaken for teddy bears. I’ll bet you know a Cockapoo called Teddy

Cockapoo puppy laying next to crate with pink cover

Photo of Wilma from The Cotswold Spaniels

2 Poo Pose

Cockapoos are often found fast asleep laying on their backs; this is known as the Poo Pose. You will recognise this position as it seems impossible to achieve and you will be wondering what has happened to your dog’s spine. Don’t worry its normal…for a poo!

white cockapoo sleeping on back in the poo pose

3 Doodle Dash

The Doodle Dash also known as Zoomies is when your cockapoo will run faster than top speed in a loop for no apparent reason. This usually takes place just when you have just sat down for a quiet five minutes.

Cockapoo doing a doodle dash

4 Clever

Don’t be fooled by that cute fluffy face, Cockapoos are clever dogs. The combination of spaniel and poodle, both working dogs makes for a smart dog. Cockapoos are fast learners who benefit from training and brain exercises.

white cockapoo wearing glasses


5. Cockapoo First Aid

Your Cockapoo will know when you are poorly or upset and will take this opportunity to lay on you until they have made you better. Cockapoo First Aid is the best!

6 Cuddles

Cuddling is one of the cockapoos favourite activities. Especially if you sit down with a drink in your hand, you will soon find your drink is on the floor and your cuddle monster is on your lap.

Cockapoo having a cuddle with a lady


7 Velcro Dogs

Known as Velcro Dogs due to their keenness to be with you ALL the time. Even to the bathroom!


8 Moustache

The moustache is one of the finest features of a Cockapoo.

Black Cockapoo with a moustache


9 Wet Socks

You own a Cockapoo you will have wet socks. When drinking the Cockapoo also makes sure to store water in his or her moustache ready to drop all over the kitchen floor ready for your socks to soak up.


10 Black Cockapoos are hard to photograph

If your Cockapoo is black your phone will be full of photographs of black blobs. If you manage to get a good one you will be sure to show everyone and share it everywhere, and you should. Well done.

Black cockapoo with tongue out


How many of these can you relate to? Is there anything I’ve missed off? You can let me know in the comments and if you know a Cockapoo owner who’d like this please feel free to share on social media.

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I own two Cockapoos, Baxter and Pickle. They are the most loving caring dogs I could wish for.  They make me smile every day. I wouldn’t be without them and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be without yours either. You can see more photos of Baxter and Pickle on their own Instagram page.

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  • Anna on

    Sounded like you were describing our cockapoo Paddy Boy…best, smartest dog we’ve ever had!!!

  • Patrick Burns on

    Alarm clocks. They know when youre awake, walk times, supper times, due home from work.

  • smalldogbreeds.info on

    very informative posts

  • Fabien on

    That is all very true

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