Welcome to my blog; why I started The Cosy Canine Company!

I have been running The Cosy Canine Company for four years now and I thought it was about time to write a blog about why I set up my own handmade business selling dog accessories.

Previously I used to be a draftsman, bet you weren’t expecting that! Working for a firm of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers as their CAD-CAM operator. My days were spent sitting at a desk creating detailed technical drawings of ship designs. I loved the drawing side of things but sitting at a desk all day and going to meetings wasn’t my thing.

From draftsman to running the cosy canine company
Just not my thing!

Then, in 2010 my life took a turn. My son started struggling at school and it became difficult for me to work as he was home so often. He was having sensory issues and couldn’t cope with the noise and hubbub of a large comprehensive school. This is when Baxter came along and changed our lives. This gorgeous ball of fluff was the best companion for a struggling boy and a slightly lost Mum.

Black Cockapoo Puppy The Cosy Canine Company

Baxter was such a good puppy, and I loved everything about him. The thing I didn’t like was his big ugly crate sitting in my kitchen. Crates are great for puppies, they become their dens, their safe place. But they won’t win any interior design awards. I knew that is was good to cover them with towels or and old blanket but really? How attractive is that? So, I got some gorgeous polka dot oilcloth and made a cover. It looked great and was practical too. Win-win!

Dog Crate Cover

That’s when the penny dropped! I love making things, I love dogs, I didn’t like dog accessories. They are mostly functional but not stylish. So, The Cosy Canine Company was started. Practical, stylish accessories for the dog owner. Everything is handmade by me from the most gorgeous and high-quality oilcloth that I can find.

Lady working at sewing machine handmade dog accessories dog blog

The Cosy Canine Company is a handmade business selling accessories for people, like you, who love dogs. I have slowly added more products since making that first crate cover and I now sell a range of shopping bags, poop bag holders and my very popular dog walking bag. My bags are stylish, practical and make you feel organised while out with or without your dog.

dog walking bag
Dog Walking Bag

Since starting The Cosy Canine Company I have gone on to be a very proud winner of several Twitter awards. Including being crowned #QueenOf Dog Crate Covers from The Royal Connection, and Jacqueline Gold's #WOW award. I was also very honoured to be a finalist in the Animal Star Awards in 2018 and 2019!

If you want to find out more about The Cosy Canine Company I would love to see you over on Instagram or Facebook.

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