A little preparation is all it takes to make sure walking your smelly mud monster is enjoyable.

Pickle loves nothing more than a really stinky muddy puddle or stream. I tell a lie, she actually loves a nice fresh fox poo much more. She just can’t get enough of that delightful cologne.

Very muddy dog being help by lady lauching. The Cosy Canine Company

If your dog is the same, you know the signs. Nose to the ground, recall gone, head tilt and bam, before you can yell “NOooooooo” they are there, shoulder down having a good old rub in that delicious poo or a dip in a stagnant puddle. Making sure that it gets in their ears, all over their lovely handmade collar that you had just bought and were hoping to get photos of and so on. A quick flip and onto their backs for one extra wiggle just to make sure that beautiful scent is ALL over them.




This desire that dogs have to make themselves smell disgusting goes back to their ancestry. Dogs needed to mask their own scent to enable them to creep up on their prey without giving themselves away. Quite what Pickle thinks she is going to creep up on I have no idea!

 White cockapoo with very muddy legs in the back of a car



So that’s your day ruined. The dog stinks, if she gets too close you’ll stink, which makes getting her into the car tricky, and your car will stink to high heaven as well.

This could be a daily occurrence in my house and to be honest it was starting to stress me out. Dog walks in the countryside are my relaxation time, and a time for Bax and Pickle to be off lead and enjoy being dogs.


SO, how do you deal with this smelly situation? These are my tips

  1. Plan your mucky walks

I only go on the potentially muddy walks when I have some spare time. On my busy days it is a walk around town.

  1. Prepare for the stink bomb’s return at home

Before I leave I make sure the dog shampoo and my wipe clean apron is ready and there are plenty of old towels prepared in the bathroom.

  1. Protect your car

I take an old towel with me to help protect myself when I lift Pickle into the car.

  1. Get a wipe clean pinny ready

I bath Pickle as soon as I get home wearing one of my oilcloth aprons so I don’t get wet. My favourite shampoo to use is the Oatmeal and Aloe Vera one from The Dog and I. It smells divine and really gets rid of that fox poo odour. It is the best one I have found.

Muddy Cockapoo having a bath. Woman wearing a wipe clean apron with scottie dogs on.

  1. Have a moment to relax while they do zoomies!

When Pickle is out of the bath a doing her crazy post bath doodle dash I make a large coffee to drink while I brush and dry her.

Then I can settle back to completing my orders knowing that Bax and Pickle have had a lovely long walk and are now nice and clean...until the next time.

  1. Try to see the funny side

My top tip though is don’t stress. You’ve got time, you’re prepared. You know they are going to do it so just enjoy your walk and let your dogs enjoy theirs.


Let me know in the comments if you own a four legged smelly mud monster and how you cope with it.


If you need a wipe clean apron to keep you dry while bathing your dog you can order one here:

You can get the shampoo I use on Baxter and Pickle here:







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  • Claire on

    Great blog! My Westies are the same, the stinkier they can make themselves, the happier they are! 😂

    When I take them on a walk in my lunch break, I don’t have time to wash and dry them afterwards. So I put light dog coats on the them. They can roll as much as they like, it all goes on the coats which I can throw in the washing machine. For their heads & legs, I use baby wipes to quickly clean the muck off!

  • Jill Loomes on

    Hi there,
    Such a humorous blog well done….!
    I too can relate to this my Cavapoo rolls in the same perfume daily, I too have given up fighting it -so now just get well prepared for what might happen, to top it off she’s white too hahaha I feel your pain !!

  • Chrissie Hines on

    A lovely read Lottie! Full of tips and hints for all those mud monsters out there. I decided a long time ago not to worry about Winnie being muddy, other people when we are out seem worried on my behalf “Oh goodness she will be very dirty by the time she gets home” ;)

  • Julie Yarbrough on

    OMG! I can’t believe your huge smile while holding such a dirty pup! You must have the clean up, down. I got the biggest kick out of this post. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day. <3

  • Helen Upton on

    Hi, really enjoyed this and can totally relate 🙄 some really good tips about being prepared and basically let them enjoy the much and poo 🤣🤣 . A dirty dog is a happy dog !!! Xx

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