National Pick Up Poo Day

NationalPickUpPoo Day May 14 Poop bag hanging in tree

National Pick Up Poo Day is on May 14th every year and is a day to raise awareness and to help encourage people to pick up their dog’s poo.

There are over 9 million dogs in the U.K. That is a lot of dog poo! People hate going out and seeing dog poo on the pavements, left in parks and even full poo bags left hanging in bushes.

This day was created by Lottie Clements from The Cosy Canine Company to help encourage people to always pick up after their dog and to dispose of it properly.

Dog owners, professional dog walkers, pet businesses and even local authorities can all take part in the day by sharing stories, advice, and tips by using the #NationalPickUpPooDay hashtag.

We would like people to be creative and have a giggle while promoting that if you own a dog you must pick up after them.

National Pick Up Poo Day May 14th Dog Waste Bin Dog Poo Bin

The aim is to encourage everyone who walks a dog to carry a poo bag and to make sure they pick up after their dog.

National Pick Up Poo Day May 14th Poop Bag Holder The Cosy Canine Company

For more information and to find out how you can join in with National Pick Up Poo day please contact Lottie