Dog Poop Bag Holder Denim Blue Polka Dot

£14.95 GBP

With this handmade dog poop bag dispenser, you can say goodbye to that feeling of dread and guilt when you get in a fix without your dog poop bags. This has a steel carabiner so that it attaches to your dog's lead, leaving your pockets free from dog poo bags. When you are walking your dog and the need arises just gently pull a bag from your poo bag holder.

This listing is for one handmade Poop Bag Holder.

Fabric Denim Blue Dotty Oilcloth

It features a steel carabiner and a metal eyelet.

Contains one roll of roughly 15 compostable dog poop bags.

Size approximately 8 x 12 cm (3 x 5 inches)