Dog Poop Bag Holder Red Camper Van

£14.95 GBP

Say good bye to worrying about where your poo bags are.

This handmade Poop Bag Holder has a steel carabiner which attaches directly to your dog's lead so that the poo bags are always there when you need them. Next time you are out walking your dog and the need arises, all you need to do is gently pull a bag from your Poo Bag Holder.

No more being caught out on your dog walk without a poo bag!

This listing is for one handmade Poo Bag Holder in fabulous VW Camper Van Oilcloth.

This particular bag showcases a Red Split screen camper van.
It features a steel carabiner and a metal eyelet.
Contains one roll of dog poo bags.

The Dog Poo Bag Holder is so easy to keep clean, made for from sturdy oilcloth all it needs is a quick wipe and it will be good as new. Perfect for the VW enthusiast and dog owners, this Dog Poo Bag Dispenser would make a practical a thoughtful gift.