Scottie Dog Apron

£19.95 GBP

The sudden explosion of flour during a baking experiment gone awry, the splash of mud from a dog resisting a warm bath, or the mess of a paint can turned upside down by accident can all ruin an outfit in seconds. We’ve decided to transform our oilcloth prints into work aprons for people that aren’t afraid of cleaning up messes but who don’t necessarily want to wallow in them either. This Scottie Dog apron, offers a touch of nostalgia while maintaining the functionality of the modern world.

The purchase of this listing is for one adult apron with the following specifications:

Measurements: 56 x 74 cm

Style: Wipe clean apron

Print: Clarke and Clarke Dotty Scottie Dog Pink and Grey

Each of these pink and grey aprons feature exquisitely comfortable cotton neck straps and generous waist ties, both of which are crafted from cotton. Oilcloth aprons are especially coveted because with just a quick wipe of your hand, this apron will be ready to take on your next project with ease and style.